Welcome to Flinders ONEfitness

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We want to ensure that you are comfortable in using the centre and maximising your membership. To ensure our members get the most from their membership we outline an overview of Flinders ONEfitness and what it offers;


Introduction session


Flinders ONEfitness offers all new members a familiarisation session. We encourage all new members to attend. The session is 30 minutes and will familiarise you with the equipment and how to use it. It is free to members.


Session times are available from reception and should be booked in advance. All introduction sessions require active participation, as such we ask that you come prepared with appropriate attire – comfortable shorts/track-pants, t-shirt, jumper or jacket as well as bringing water and a towel.



Making the most of your membership


Membership extras:  


$ave hundred$ of dollars.

  • Hands FREE PT : Daily programs to follow in the ladies only gym and weights room. Weekly challenge in the cardio room.
  • 4 Friends Free : 1 person 4 times or 4 different friends at once. They just need to be with you for the visit, and sign a casual user form.
  • 1 Free drink on your birthday –visit the gym on your special day and choose a drink on us.
  • Renew your membership before it expires and receive a 10% discount.
  • 2 FREE HOLDS – You will have the option to put your membership on hold for 2 months free of charge ( 12 month memberships only).
  • Free casual use of sport hall floor.
  • Free squash court hire between 6am-5pm Mon - Fri.

Personal Training: Begin with the starter pack. Highly trained professionals ready to help you with your goals. Male and female trainers available.

5 and 10 visit options available for ongoing personal training.


Physio and Massage onsite : is available also at very affordable rates. Please just check at reception for available times or view the Allied Health Page


Accessing the Weights, Cardio Areas & Ladies Only Gym:


When you arrive come to the reception desk you will ‘scan in’ to activate your card . Then you will use your membership card to scan at the entrance doors into the weights, cardio areas & ladies only area.



Class Information for Beginners


Group fitness classes are a great way to get fit, strong and flexible while under the watchful eye and direction of an instructor. Classes are also a great way to meet fellow gym members. The following information is designed to make getting started in group fitness a little less intimidating and make the group fitness experience a more comfortable and fun one!


Which class is right for me?


Choosing the right class for you is an important part of getting started in group fitness. We offer a large range of classes which all have different benefits and results.


  • If you are looking for a class that will help you tone up and burn fat and requires no coordination, BodyPUMP is for you


  • If you are looking to build cardio fitness and burn the calories, Fit HIIT, RPM or FreeSpin is a great place to start. These classes compliment each other wonderfully, forming the base of many members work out routines.

Core & Flexibility

  • Adding a BodyBALANCE, Pilates or yoga class into the mix will help to build core strength and challenge the body different ways.


  • Once you’ve tried the basics doing a Step, PunchPad or BodyATTACK class is a great way to get a high energy, whole body work out. Fit forever.





Each class has beginner’s options and low impact options so everyone can enjoy them.



GYM:   Please bring and remember to use:



Enclosed shoes

Replace your equipment after you have finished using it.



Please bring:



Enclosed shoes

Spray and wipe all equipment  after use.

Punctuality is essential for your safety and respect for the other class attendees.


As a member of our centre you are entitled to use the centre and its services.


Services include

  • Group Fitness classes - You will need to present at reception, have your membership card scanned and identify which class you are looking to attend. You will be given a card which is to be given to the instructor before the class commences.


  • Casual use of the sport hall floor. Hand in your membership card at reception and collect a ball to use as warm up/ practice. We hand your card back when the ball is returned. You are required to check in at reception to use the hall even if you have your own ball.


  • Lockers: are available, free of charge for casual use for while you are using the centre. They are located on level 3 within the toilet /change rooms or on level 2 within the change rooms. To access the lockers you will need to press interloc, enter a 4 digit pin, then press interloc again. There should be a red light flashing that will indicate that it is locked. When you are finished you will repeat the same process and the locker will open. You will have a maximum of 2 hours use of the locker. If you forget your pin then please just head to reception and the staff member will be able to help you with access to the locker.


  • Level 2 cardio room. 30+ pieces of equipment with 4 large screen TV’s to catch up on sport or the latest show. 2 internet linked cardio expresso bikes offer a more interactive and challenging riding option. Register and ride against your own previous rides, others from across the world or the person sitting next to you.


  • Squash courts : found on level 2. All members have free access to a court between 6am and 5pm Mon – Fri. Courts can be booked, but only one per member. The member must be a player on the court to allow free access.


  • Cardio area: To access the cardio area you are required to activate your card for the day at reception first. Once activated to enter, hold the card under the scanner until the light covers the full bar code. You will hear beep/click and you just need to push the door.


  • Level 1 - Weights room, Bags must be placed in the storage area provided. 


  • Mezzanine Level – Ladies Only Gym, to access the room you are required to scan your card at reception. To enter, hold the card under the scanner until the light covers the full bar code. You will hear beep/click and you just need to pull the door to open. This room in unavailable for use while the Fit after 40 runs.



We require that all members bring a towel with them to workout, and wear closed in shoes. We also recommend that you take water with you for your workout. Importantly we ask that if you have used the weights, that you return them.  Weights should be returned to the racks at all times.



Welcome aboard. We are more than happy to answer any q’s you may have at any time. Please feel free to approach any one of us for assistance, and thankyou for choosing Flinders ONEsport and fitness.